Do you want to become a Mystery Shopper?

Love shopping and eating out? Then we would love to hear from you. You can join Clarity Insights and become a mystery shopper, allowing you to get paid for your shopping trips and any regular visits to your favourite local restaurant.

Mystery shoppers are used all over the UK to help business owners and restaurants improve the quality of service. There is nothing worse than going to your favourite store and receiving bad customer experience. If you become a mystery shopper, you can have a say in how a business treats future customers.

You can join our mystery shopper community for free. There is no charge to sign up for our mystery shopping community and you could receive great benefits from local organisations to help improve the service that they currently provide.

Mystery Shopper Program – Secret Shopper Criteria

Minimum Age:

All Clarity Insights mystery shoppers must be over the age of 18.

Equipment Needed:

While you don’t have to own a computer, you’ll need to have access to the internet and a valid email address.

Ability to Remain Anonymous:

As a mystery shopper you need to remain anonymous at all times unless instructed in the mystery shop brief. Briefing notes can be taken with you but they must not be visible to anyone. If you need to make notes while you’re on your visit, please do so in a discreet place such as inside your car.


Clarity Insights requires all shoppers to be reliable and self-disciplined. Mystery visits must be completed inline with assignment brief and completed within 24 hours of the visit.

Objectivity, Honesty and Professionalism:

We want honest opinions from our mystery shoppers and at all times you must remain objective and professional in the answers you provide. The team at the location you visit will see your report and will be used in their training and development programs. So under no circumstances should offensive/derogatory answers or comments be given – this could result in payment for your visit being withheld.


Our reports are used as training tools by the locations you visit so we need you to complete your reports accurately in English. Remember to read the questions and answers you are providing to ensure there are no contradictions and all comments are spell checked before submitting.

Access to a Scanner or Digital Camera/Camera Phone:

We’ll need you to upload a copy of your receipt of any purchases that were made as part of your mystery shop and occasionally a photograph. Without these, you won’t be able to complete your report.

Still have a few questions? Click here to look at our Become a Mystery Shopper FAQs.