Mystery Shopper FAQs

Do you really get paid to shop?

Yes! The businesses we work with like us to work with genuine customers and ask them to visit their locations and tell us about the experience they have.

The types of mystery shops we have are with a wide variety of clients and businesses. From fashion retailers to dining out in restaurants and even staying in hotels, there’s a great choice of mystery visits you can do with us.

What’s involved in a mystery shop?

Our mystery shops will usually involve visiting as a normal customer and providing feedback about the service you receive and the interactions that you have with members of staff. Our visits will often vary in what we ask you to look out for but usually you’ll be asked to keep an eye out for key point of sale materials and comment on the standards in the location such as cleanliness and tidiness.

What do you look for in a great Mystery shopper?

While we look for a variety of attributes in our mystery shoppers, you must pay great attention to detail. You’ll need to have good observational skills and be able to remember everything that happens during your visit as you won’t be able to take notes while you’re in the location.

Our mystery shoppers have to work to strict deadlines and commit to completing the mystery shops you accept on time and to a high standard.

Can you make a full-time living out of mystery shopping?

It’s a question we are asked a lot and sadly, it’s not quite possible for mystery shopping to provide a full-time income. We work closely with our clients to ensure we’re always using genuine consumers in our programs. What mystery shopping can be, is a great way to supplement your living and earn a little extra while going to places you enjoy going to.

How much do you pay people?

The amount you can earn differs with each mystery shop. In general, you can earn between £5 – £20 per mystery shop. Some of our mystery visits involve having to make a purchase. You’ll usually be able to keep your purchases which and will receive a re-imbursement towards these upon successful completion of the visit and report.

How will I get a mystery visit?

We take several things into account when we make our mystery visits available to mystery shoppers. Things such as your hobbies and interests and types of places you like to go shopping are all considered when we show you the visits that are most likely going to be of interest to you. We’ll usually email about new mystery visits that are available near your location and you can log in to the website whenever you want to see what is currently available.