Our Solutions

At Clarity Insights we use a variety of methods to help businesses get the best insight about their customer experience. Our programmes go far beyond being measurement processes. We carefully develop them to identify where improvements can be made and which improvements will drive increased satisfaction, improved sales and greater customer advocacy.

Mystery Shopping Programmes

Using quantitative and qualitative customer feedback, our mystery shop reports are structured to help frontline teams understand where the opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Our customer satisfaction surveys provide a highly effective channel to gain continual customer feedback and insights to help develop current and future strategies in a cost-effective way.

Employee Engagement

We develop employee engagement surveys to understand how engaged your employees are with your business, as this is the foundation of your customer experience.

Advanced Data Analytics

Through our advanced data analytics team, we extract valuable insights from numerous data channels to help our clients drive strategic changes that improve customer experience.

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We’re helping clients across the UK to gain a deeper understanding of their customers experiences and where they can make improvements.