Mystery Shopping

A customers experience with your business can be what decides whether they return to you in the future. Our mystery shopping audits allow you to analyse, act and improve the way you and your company does its business and the way it treats its customers.

At Clarity Insights, we create and manage mystery shopping research programmes that will give you a greater insight into your customers every day experiences. With thousands of mystery shoppers registered throughout the UK, we provide you with real life customer research that will enable you to drive sales, increase customer engagement and improve your brand.

At the core of our mystery shopping programmes are the unique reports we create. Emailed directly in PDF format or easily accessed using our online portal. Our precise reports will detail specific points raised by real customers, including scenarios such as; waiting times, quality of customer services, attentiveness, knowledge and more.

Mystery Shopping Providers

We’re proud to have built a community of thousands of secret mystery shoppers who are registered with us. Our shoppers are located throughout the UK, allowing us to provide our mystery shopping services nationwide with ease.

Prior to launching a mystery shopping programme, our development team takes the time to visit a sample of both yours and your competitor’s locations to understand you and your businesses research requirements. This enables us to identify what needs to be included and help uncover the insights that are vital to your business.

We cover many industries with our research audits. These have led us to working alongside some of the largest companies in the UK from the following fields:

  • High Street Retailers
  • Car Sales Centres
  • Banks & Building Societies
  • Hotels & Leisure Facilities
  • Construction & Trade Contractors
  • Supermarkets

Instant Feedback

Our mystery shopping providers are able to provide instant quality feedback, allowing your front-line staff to really understand what impacts a customers shopping experience.

Actionable Reports

Mystery shoppers will complete reports that will provide you with actionable data based around their experience. Allowing you to encourage strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

Accessible Results

From key stakeholders to location managers, we’ll provide your teams tailored user access to our customer experience platform to see your results, empowering them to act faster than ever.

Connect & Motivate

At the heart of any successful mystery shopper program is consumer engagement. Our marketing team will help manage and maintain engagement, communicating results and celebrating success.

Account Management

Our team of Account Managers work in close partnership with our clients businesses from the board room to the shop floor, experiencing your locations, supporting your teams, and providing delivery insight.

Delivering excellent insights time after time

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We’re helping clients across the UK to gain a deeper understanding of their customers experiences and where they can make improvements.